Services in Depth

Entire Interior Detail

Our entire interior detail includes spray cleaning all materials with designated interior cleaners and wiping away with light colored microfiber until each material is clean to the touch. This also includes the seating if it’s vinyl/leather materials. Seating with fabric may just get a light spraying with hydrogen peroxide based cleaner and wet vacuumed. (*See our Upholstery Cleaning for fabric seats that have build up, stains, or just need refreshing.) The floors are lightly sprayed also with H₂O₂ cleaner and wet vacuumed throughout. Mats are generally pressure-washed and scrubbed, unless the other methods are needed. To finish, the vinyl is all conditioned with water based dressing and any leather is conditioned as well. Window interiors cleared.

Before and after of pet hair removal in vehicle. Before and after of center-console controls being cleaned.


Interior Steam Works

Over time natural oils and other residues build up on interior surfaces. When improperly cleaned, (smearing with unfit cleaners and oily dressings) grimy layers become worse. In this service, we use our steam machine with horsehair brush attachments to safely break down buildup and pull out excessive oils from materials. This also includes steam cleaning the cup holders, center console, controls, steering wheel, vents, seatbelts, buckles, seat tracks, and all touchpoints. We then condition the materials with water based dressings or leather conditioner. The Steam Works is usually an add-on package deal to the Entire Interior Detail and is recommended once a year, especially for vehicles used for work or wheeling around children and pets.

Before and after of leather seats that have been steam-cleaned.Before and after of seatbelts being steam cleaned.


Entire Exterior Detail

Our complete exterior detail includes pressure rinsing the vehicle, foam pretreating and hand washing, bug and tar removal, detailing the wheels, second pressure rinse, conditioning spray, and microfiber towel drying. The windows are all cleared and door jams cleaned. If there’s exterior trim we apply a water-based silicone dressing that is water resistant once dry. We dress the tires with the same product, unless undesired. The paint receives a sealant (or wax, if requested) application. Sealant and dressings last about six months with proper maintenance. Engine details available upon request.

Picture of vehicle after an exterior detail. Before and after of an engine detail.


Headlight Restoration

If your headlights have that milky, hazy look to them, you may be interested in having them restored. The haze is caused by oxidation of the plastic lenses, which inhibits light from shining through the lens. We remove this oxidized layer via wet sanding, and then polishing it out to finish. We then apply a layer of sealant to help protect the lens and prevent further UV oxidation. This process is a much less costly measure than purchasing new headlights!

Before and after of headlight restoration.


Upholstery Cleaning

If the seats in your vehicle are fabric, we offer steam extraction to deeply clean the seats. In this process, we begin by dampening the fabric with a hot water and an upholstery solution. Then we lather the cleaner into the fabric with a soft bristle rotary brush, which helps to break up any oils, spills, residues, etc., that may be clinging to the fabric. Finally we use our steam extractor unit to hot rinse and extract out all of the encapsulated contaminants and remaining product out of the fabric. This solution rinses clean, leaving no residue, only soft pure fabric. We may repeat this process as needed until the fibers are all completely clean and soft again. This service is available for all interior fabrics and carpeted flooring as well!

Before and after of upholstery cleaning.


Paint Correction (polishing)

Your vehicle likely has 2-stage paint with a clear coat on the surface. This clear coat gets degraded as the vehicle is driven and parked out in the elements. On a microscopic level, this clear layer gets riddled with particulates that clog the coat’s pores. This, along with micro scratches and marring, greatly diminishes the clarity of your vehicle’s beautiful base coat. In this service, we “correct” your vehicle’s paint by renewing the surface. This process begins by hand washing and pressure rinsing the entire exterior (in-shop steam washing for winter months). We then use a mechanical method (claybar), and/or chemical method to safely remove all of the particulates, referred to as “decontaminating the paint.” Once the exterior is prepped, we begin the polishing, usually in either one or two stages. We use our choice polisher, pad, and polish product to relevel the surface. This results in most swirls and scratches vanishing, depending on the level of polishing you choose. Our single stage is considered a complete paint “enhancement,” removing light defects. The two stage is considered a “restorative” paint correction which removes heavier defects in the paint. After the resurfacing is achieved, we apply a layer of paint protection which bonds with the paint to keep out particulates, and helps maintain the paint’s gloss for months to come.

Before and after of wet sanding and polishing paint that has been badly oxidized.



We are authorized installers of SPS Graphene Coating. A more advanced coating formula than ceramic (SiO₂), SPS Graphen Coating is our coating of choice in providing 5+ years of slick glossy protection for your paint. We confidently claim this coating as it is leading in the industry for its self-cleaning hydrophobic properties, durability, and longevity. SPS’s coating is formulated and manufactured in Wisconsin.
Our coating service begins with performing most of or all of the paint correction steps to get the paint in its most ideal state before it’s coated. The coating process in its entirety can take several days to a week to complete. We provide one free maintenance wash and coating inspection a week after curing, to ensure its entire application integrity.

Picture of ceramic coated vehicle.