About Us

Cody and Lydia

     Having a background of cleaning carpets and upholstery in the family business, I (Cody) branched out and began cleaning car interiors part time in 2017. From there, I started forming my business and became a constant student in the industry of auto detailing. In my approach, I would aim to personalize car care to meet the needs of each client, whether that be prepping for sale, performing restorative processes, or maintaining the condition of the vehicle, all while operating in an age-old work ethic and exceeding expectations for each client. In choosing products and equipment, I use companies and distributors whose integrity and experience in the industry are outstanding, producing products that perform exceptionally, in order to achieve the vehicle’s best possible condition.

     Eventually I met my wife, Lydia, in 2020, and she would complete the vision of the business, making us a husband and wife team. Leaving her job at a top investment firm, she joined me in building the business. She brought strong work ethics, new perspectives, and various skill sets to the table. We began working in harmony together full-time, and continue doing so to this day.